Ge lite till kvinnorna i Kongo

Ja, jag vet att det inte är många av oss som ens vet var det ligger. Men många av oss kan också läsa tidningen, och inse att kvinnorna i Kongo har det rätt överjäkligt svårt.
Jag vet inte så mycket om det här projektet, mer än att det verkar vara riktigt bra människor som håller i det.
Så om ni kan avvara en femtiolapp eller lite till, och ge till kvinnorna i svårt krigsdrabbade Kongo. Här är ett mail som jag fick, via en supportgrupp på Facebook:

”Hi all and everyone !

Finally, we have a bankaccount nummber available to the many of you that want to donate to ending the violence that kongolese women are suffering under.

Since money is always a delicate thing that requires trust. Let me explain how we have done. A group consisting of :

Ami Hedenborg
Maria Kamari
Lisa Kirsebom
Vladimira Kamari
Susanna Lindvall
Miriam Preis
Louise Scheele Elling
Marika Smith

and me, Fransesca Quartey have been PMailing each other discussing various ideas on how to continue. We got in touch with each other due to Anna Koblancks article in DN.

Ami Hedenborg and me have now opened a bankaccount were we are both co-signers :

clearing nr: 6101
kontnr: 685 727 122

This account is now open to anyone of you ( or your friends ) who whishes to donate money for this cause. As a group we intend to be absolutely transparent and will update you regelary on how much money ther is in the account and were we intend to make use of it.

We are still looking into the many organisations that we could donate to, as well as having ideas of our own such as building a womans center. More on all these topics to come !

All ideas are welcome ! As are any suggestions or if you yourself would like to get more involved on a more active level.

Also there is an amazing doctor Dr Denis Mukwege, who will receive Olof Palmes prize this friday for his work in helping the women in Kongo at his hospital. The man does fantastic work !!

Articles about him and much more is available on the main page ”Supporting the women of Kongo”. Don´t forget to check in now and then to see new articles and updated information.

If anyone has any questions don´t hesitate to PMail me !

Fransesca Quartey